Sunday, 5 September 2010

5 Stages of Spiritual Upliftment

The daily prayer collection, or the Nitnem begins with Japji Sahib, the creation of the first Guru, Guru Nanak Dev. Japji Sahib, which is much brief in size and is chanted by faithful Sikhs during the morning hours, is regarded as the most catholic discourse on religion ever performed by any human being. In the same, Guru Nanak Dev describes five phases or stages of spiritual upliftment and growth which have been rendered into English in the following text:-

(1) Dharam Khand (The phase of religious understanding)

seasons, periods, nights and days

wind, water, fire and earth

form th
e temple of His gaze
there are all kinds of colour and life

there are infinite names
with deeds and de
votion the truth of the True prevails
and the five chosen shine

the false and the true are differentiate
Nānak, thus is His judgement enunciated ! (34)
in Dharam Khand there are deeds and devotions

(2) Gyān Khand
(The phase of attainment of knowledge)

let us describe the Gyān Khand
where infinite are the winds, waters, fires
and infinite are the ideals
infinite are the learned ones
and infinite are the forms, colours, costumes
te are the spheres of deeds
and infinite are the words of wisdom
infinite are those who have conquered their senses,
suns and moons
and infinite are the spheres and regions
infinite are the siddhās, buddhās, nāths
and infinite are the gods and goddesses

infinite are the ways, words

infinite are those who know

and infinite are those who follow
Nānak, there is no end to the devotees’ rows ! (35)
knowledge is supreme in Gyān Khand

there are music, spectacles and celebrations

(3) Saram Khand
(The phase of untiring effort)

form reigns in Saram Khand

there are created the most beautiful curves
whose forms one can articulate
all attempts lead to deception
there are formed
intelligence and reflection
in this cosmic domain
the untiring ones and the siddhās
acquire wisdom and perception ! (36)

(4) Karam Khand
(The phase of rightful conduct)

only deeds matter in Karam Khand
where the warriors and the valiant heroes dwell
who are swayed by His grace, by His benevolence
where the devotees are immersed in His devotion

whose forms are beyond any perception

they die not, nor are they deceived

they resonate with His grace
in beatitude,
they enjoy His sublime gaze

(5) Sach Khand
(The phase of truthful bliss)

the formless dwells in Sach Khand
radiating grace and benediction
there are infinite regions and spheres

they are all beyond the reach of the seers

there is light, there is form
as He wills,
so is His norm
there is vision
there is growth
there is reflection
Nānak, its articulation is beyond all perception ! (37)

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