Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Guru Nanak Dev : The epitome of love

Guru Nanak Dev(Punjabi: ਗੁਰੂ ਨਾਨਕ ਦੇਵ, Hindi: गुरु नानक, Urdu: گرونانک Guru Nānak), popularly also known as 'Baba Nanak', 'Hazrat Nanak', 'Nanakacharya', 'Nanak Lama', 'Nanak Rishi' and many such respectful names, was the founder of Sikh religion and the torchbearer of the spiritual revolution that swept medieval Asia. He is popular among the masses because of his teachings which appeal to almost all strata of society and are all inclusive involving both the genders, all races, castes and occupations alike.

This is a poem in free verse narrating an incident when Guru Nanak was traveling in the hinterland of Punjab, and met with a hostile crowd who were opposed to his liberal and modern teachings. The Holy Guru, through his love and spirituality not only succeeded in winning over the hearts of the angry villagers, but also blessed them with the message of peace, brotherhood and monotheistic worship.

There lived a man
with a noon sun’s face
draped in sagely clothes
his reasoning his mace.
Walking on the lonely paths
of a lively Punjab,
a book under his armpit,
Mardana matching his pace.
Hollow roars and
tapping of cattle
signaling a village nearby
And a new battle
for Nanak.
He represents Science
‘they’ blind faith.
And, lo! The army of
the blind faithful comes
under the command
of a pseudo religious creature.
Unkempt hair, glaring eyes
and forehead immersed in red
marking this preacher.
“Maniac! How dare you
enter my ‘area’?
Go, or’ll be thrown out
with your pareaphernalia.”
Look out the villagemen
they too hold pebbles,
and stones, like their
‘disciple brethren’.
To launch an attack
on ‘Science’
And offering the guests
their unique jurisprudence.
But, the blessed pair of hands
lifts, and the lips chime
“Oh Lord! Praise be to you,
and the knowledge divine.
May this village become
prosperous, and its people
remain buckled together,
for ages to come.”
And thus, the stones
of hatred, dissolved.

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